Open Hand's Vision

From its inception, Open Hand has believed that the Lord has called this ministry to these things:

  1. Glorify God in all we do; in service, fellowship, unloading, stocking, cleaning, talking, dealing with food and other vendors, and any other thing associated with this ministry. In all things God is the unseen party and the only One we seek to please. When people see us (as individuals and as a ministry) they should see Christ.
  2. Open Hand is to be a uniter of the Body Of Christ here in northern Utah.
  3. Open Hand is to serve the Body of Christ by giving food, comfort and support during difficult times- reminding them of the great love God has for them.
  4. Open Hand feeds, comforts and supports the working poor from the community and those on fixed incomes. The food we serve requires a kitchen to prepare.
  5. Open Hand is an instrument where believers can serve, and by serving glorify God.
  6. Open Hand is an outreach – where those outside the Body are drawn by the love of those serving from within the Body. God’s love draws them. The volunteers do not force “religious” discussion, but follow the Spirit’s leading.
  7. There are absolutely no strings attached nor implied, showing those receiving that we are not like the world, or other local institutions.
  8. The unity of the believers – many from different churches – will be a witness of the solidarity of true Christians regardless of denomination.
  9. Growth of the believer/volunteer as they serve and see God’s faithfulness and hand.
  10. Open Hand will be known as a place of Spiritual replenishment, where prayer and supplication are a natural part of our being.
  11. The fellowship within the ministry will be pleasing to the Lord, and fulfilling to the brethren.
  12. Believers and non-believers will see the awesome provision of God, bringing great glory to Him. Believers will deepen their relationship to Him. Non-believers will sense the reality and faithfulness of God and begin to question.
  13. With the Lord’s help, Open Hand will never become a watered down ecumenical social “function”. There can be no compromise. Without strong Biblical foundations, we become just a food pantry
  14. Some day, Lord willing, Open Hand will operate out of several Evangelical churches where many Christians will serve from their local church. Open Hand will assist other Bible believing churches with their own food pantry and outreach in their community. Open Hand would assist these churches with the proven technique that we have been using since April 2005.