Open Hand's Charter

Our goal is to glorify Christ in all that we do by expressing His love in any and every way possible to every person that comes for food or comfort. In everything we do, Christ should be seen.

Open Hand is a ministry that provides food and encouragement to those within the Body of Christ, and within the community, in times of need. Open Hand desires to provide materially, but also to comfort, to encourage, and to love our brothers and sisters.

Open Hand is also an outreach. Those needing food come to the church, (Open Hand does not deliver), where they receive food and sense the presence of Christ as He calls. They are humbly treated with respect and genuine concern. Open Hand creates an atmosphere where relationships can be built - a place where people want to be. There is never any pressure from a volunteer; no strings attached, no church attendance required - nothing. God draws them to Himself. Open Hand simply is part of that process.

Most of those we serve should be in transition. When their circumstances change, they may no longer need the physical provisions we offer. The atmosphere should be so Christ centered that they will come back – even when not in physical need – just to visit.

Open Hand is a ministry to the working poor. God has faithfully and providentially provided other ministries that specifically address others in need. For example, the Rescue mission is much more practiced at taking care of the homeless, and they know God’s calling in that. There are other Christian resources to draw from and each of these ministries is following God’s call for them in that ministry. Therefore, Open Hand will -without hesitation- send those needing specialized help to other ministries more suited to help.

Lastly, those involved in Open Hand should have fun! Let us enjoy the fellowship of the Brethren and those that come in. “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are My disciples.” Jesus in John 13:34,35.